Pocket Square "Taste of life"

I taste it.
It is interesting.
It is nice.
That is how I create myself."

/AMRES ART personality script/

Inspiration: artworks by philosopher and artist Antonio Meneghetti (Italy)

Selection of visual inspiration: Rasa Baltė-Balčiūnienė (Lithuania)

Creative interpretation in batik painting: Tatang Elmy Wibowo (Indonesia)

Accessory design: Ramunė Strazdaitė (Lithuania)


Dimensions: 25 cm x 25 cm.

Composition: 100% natural silk

Technology: hand-painted batik

Creative method: intuitive aesthetics

All information about the scarf:

The POCKET SQUARE is the most versatile accessory: it can become a unique style accent for a suitor dress pocket or a tie for the hair, or be wrapped around the wrist or tied up on a handbag, or maybe even on the handle of your glasses. The POCKET SQUARE may be presented as a special gift for different occasions – its silk pattern reads as a metaphor of a unique personal wish.