Ramunė Strazdaitė

Clothing designer Ramunė Strazdaitė's work is inspired by nature – its changes, colors, and smells. Ramunė says that the world is full of beauty, and joy must be sought everywhere. "Sometimes you go down the street and suddenly you see people of amazing beauty with fiery hair. It is important to constantly capture such moments,” says Ramune. She also believes that the world needs to be viewed positively – it leads to thought, creativity, the whole human life.

The creative process of AMRERS ART Batik seems very personal to the designer, and she finds each AMRES ART Batik fabric patterns unique. According to Ramunė, creating clothes from AMRES ART Batik is fun, but not easy – the pattern of the silk "speaks" itself, so it is important that the clothes match the mood and character of it.


Ramunė Strazdaitė (Lithuania) is a fashion designer. She graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a degree in costume design, and later with a additional degree in educology. She has presented over 40 original clothing collections. She has also taught at Vilnius College’s Faculty of Arts and Technologies. She founded her own clothing studio, where she teaches clothing design and created the Linen Birds brand. Ramunė is interested in Eastern philosophy and practices yoga.