Researchers of art’s impact on people say that artworks affect us differently – some bring calmness or encourage us to create while others increase our anxiety and tension. Some art images strengthen us, while others seem to make us weaker. Obviously, a person needs art that helps them to grow.

The artworks of AMRES ART gallery – paintings, watercolors, batik – have been created using a unique intuitive aesthetics methodology. They are filled with true sensations and life energy, inspiring us to act, experiment, and grow.

"The works presented at the gallery are part of inner luxury. They strengthen a person's authenticity, develop a sense of the body, and unleash creativity."

Creator of the batik collection
Ramunė Strazdaitė
Fashion designer
Partner of AMRES ART Batik in Yogyakarta
Annisa Rahma Khalidia
Gallery visitor
Asta Dekinienė

Traveling Gallery
Sensing Space for passengers

The AMRES ART Sensing Space, which opened its doors at Vilnius International Airport, is reminiscent of an oasis of peace and relaxation. The space, located in the Passenger Departure Hall, features canvases painted in non-traditional patterns by Indonesian batik masters and acrylic paintings radiating good emotions created by people of various professions.

Tastings of true things

At the PELENĖ 2019 exhibition held at Vilnius Litexpo expo center, AMRES ART invited visitors to “taste” paintings painted with the intuitive aesthetics technique as well as to check their sense of smell by trying to distinguish between natural and synthetic essential oils and their tactile abilities by touching natural and synthetic fabrics.

AMRES ART Batik clothing collection for women

At Muslim Fashion Week 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesian fashion designer Lanny Amborowati presented the AMRES ART Batik clothing collection with elements of the Lithuanian national costume – puffed sleeves, ruffles, wide skirt, apron, and vest.