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The artworks of AMRES ART Gallery – paintings, watercolors, batik – have been created using a unique intuitive aesthetics methodology. They are filled with true sensations and life energy, inspiring us to act, experiment, and grow. The intuitive aesthetics approach encourages us to use body sensing to understand the effect of artwork, making it the most important criteria for choosing art that is right for us. The explanation for such an effect of art images is provided through knowledge of deep psychology, neuroscience, aesthetics, semiotics, and art psychology. AMRES ART Gallery organizes educational and cultural events and projects seeking to restore the perception of art – this has been coded in the name of the gallery:

A  (“Asmenybė” in Lithuanian) – personality, M (“Meno” in Lithuanian) – art, RES (“Restauracija”) – restoration

We read the acronym AMRES ART as the development of personality through a restored understanding of art.


Live and online lectures: topics include the impact of art, fashion, and the interior on people, combining the sciences of psychology, neuroscience, art history, and communication and encouraging us to surround ourselves with images of authenticity-based culture and aesthetics.

Plein air sessions: artists, designers, and business creators learn to master the principles of intuitive aesthetics, and to understand the meaning of images and their impact.

Co-creation: creative projects that includes creators from different countries working according the method of intuitive aesthetics.

Traveling Gallery: at various events, we create Sensing Spaces – oases of intuitive aesthetics, where we invite you to get to know art and fashion design in a different way. We want you to "taste” the art with your body’s senses. Using touch, smell, sight, and overall bodily reaction, we help you to understand the impact of images and advise you on how to choose an art, fashion, or design piece so it will encourage personal growth. The body’s reactions are the best indication of what work of art is right for us, and the training of the body’s senses strengthens intuition, the importance of which is becoming increasingly apparent in an age of change and uncertainty. Currently, such a Sensing Space is present at Vilnius Airport in the passenger departure hall.

Individual consultations: individual meetings helping you to choose art, fashion, and design based on the most positive impact of their images on the growth of your personality.

Gallery in Vilnius: Rūdininkų St. 18/203


The artworks of AMRES ART gallery – paintings, watercolors, and batik – have been created using a unique intuitive aesthetics methodology. These are objects of inner luxury. They strengthen a person’s authenticity and the body’s sensing ability, and they unleash creative potential and individuality.

The gallery has brought together creators and entrepreneurs from Lithuania, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, and Ukraine. Through the connections of various cultures, professions, and arts, unique works and unexpected solutions are born.


Works of art, fashion, and design are images – visual expressions of an individual or collective subconsciousness that has the same subconscious effect on the viewer. Images structure a person’s emotional state, thinking, and action.

Images reach the brain faster than food reaches the body, so what we look at and what we wear is very important. There are many images of destruction, cynicism, and frustration in the media and art today, but the new era of metamodernism, according to the Dutch philosopher Dr. Robin van den Akker, shows the emerging concept and need for artistic purpose – the sincere, authentic expression of the creator and the positive impact of their works on the viewer. Such works, through subconscious effects, could become a daily stimulus for the authenticity of personality to develop.


The term intuitive aesthetics refers to aesthetic satisfaction through the sense of the body when we perceive the beauty of an object, phenomenon, or action. For people, this is an important criterion for recognizing and selecting images that are right for them – that they help them to connect and develop their authenticity.

The body is a great radar. Listen to it. If your body feels good when you look at the artwork, it means it is yours – it will give the right stimulus for your development when you place it in your environment. However, if you feel your body being “squeezed” or experience other types of unpleasant feelings, your body is telling you that you do not need it.

The method of intuitive aesthetics helps creators to create artworks that that have those positive impulses. The main condition of such a creative method is the authentic state of the creator, the union with their nature (in se). It is a way to go beyond stereotypical thinking. This usually leads to choosing unconventional art techniques such as "live action" – when paint is poured out with a hand gesture, or when you paint without a brush, touching the canvas with your fingers.


The study “The problem of creativity: with what images do young people come up with?” was presented in 2018: 

  • at the International Conference on Social Science & Humanities in DUBAI and was awarded a diploma as the best research paper. This scientific article was published in the international scientific journal PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences in October of 2018. See >>
  • at the international conference "Uma Nova Pedagogia para a Sociedade Futura" in BRAZIL. See >>

The study “Development of artists creativity based on the method of intuitive aesthetics: results of en plein air sessions” (Lithuania, Vilnius, 2018) was presented in 2018-2019:

  • at the International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH) in SINGAPORE and JAKARTA. The article was published in the international scientific journal PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences in February of 2020. See >>
  • at the scientific conference "New Perspectives in Science Education" held in FLORENCE. See >>



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Rasa Baltė-Balčiūnienė - founder of AMRES ART Gallery

Rasa is also a founder and the general director of the companies Femina Bona (26 years) and HAI institute (16 years). She is the creator of authenticity training programs and a leader of psychological and creative practices.