Saulius Kruopis

“The world is based on people who are in the place they are born to be in. It is then not so important what their specialty is and what they do in life – they create positive things,” says painter Saulius Kruopis.

The artist has been interested in Eastern wisdom since his youth. He is vegetarian but applies Eastern philosophy to himself creatively, not dogmatically. “That literal adherence to advice causes tension, so only wisdom which is creatively tailored brings success,” Saulius says.

He argues that it is very important for a creative person to maintain a state of "here and now" and not to judge themselves. "The artist is somehow a medium for something to come to us,” he says.


Saulius Kruopis (Lithuania) is a professional painter. Since 1995 he has been the organizer of the Nida International Painting Plein Airs, and since 1999 he has been the chairman of the Artists' Association TILTAS. He has published two albums about Nida's painting collection. He has organized about 50 international painting plein air sessions around the world. In 1990 he won the competition for the first Lithuanian stamps. Saulius has held about 90 personal exhibitions of painting and art photography. Since 1979 he has participated in almost 500 group painting exhibitions in various countries of the world, including India, Nepal, Korea, the USA, Italy, Germany, Austria, and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.