Mantvydas Lasinskas

Mantvydas Lasinskas’s enamel jewelry stands out with its special harmony of color and shape because he uses an ancient, extremely complex enameling technique. Combinations of transparent and opaque enamel turn the jewelry into an original minimalist composition. "Contemporary art made with old technologies" is how Mantvydas describes his work. He says that everything delights him in the creative process, from ideas recorded on paper to the end result. "Jewelry frees my mind," he says.

“Basically, there’s neither great style, nor great lines, nor great color; the only beauty is the truth that becomes visible,” he says, quoting Auguste Rodin.


Mantvydas Lasinskas (Lithuania) is a jeweler. He graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania and majored in wall painting restoration. He worked as a restorer for a long time, later choosing the path of a jeweler. Since 2015 he has been creating the original LAS MAN jewelry using the ancient partition enameling (cloisonné) technique. He has organized several exhibitions and participated in international enamel biennials.