Natalia Kolesnik

Ukrainian designer Natalia Kolesnik is happy with everything that helps her develop as a person. "Life is multifaceted. It is important to find your way in it. Life always gives a person a hint about where to go. You just have to notice and understand it,” she says.

Natalia creates lamps of unusual design and rich colors, inspired by works of art, playfully integrating their fragments into her own pieces. She says that she draws sketches in obedience to intuition, a joyful impulse, which her works later "broadcast" in the interior. "An object or a work of art must evoke a good emotion. For me, this energy is the most important thing," Natalia says.


Natalia Kolesnik (Ukraine) is an interior designer. She studied art theory and history at the National Academy of Arts in Kiev. She attained her first degree of higher education in the legal field and the second in ontopsychology from St. Petersburg University.